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Uncertainties looming over UK's Healthcare system post Brexit

The air of ambivalence which is seen to be engulfing the UK post their move to extricate themselves from a 33 year old bond with the European block has been criticized by the senior executives in the healthcare system. The chief executive of the Royal college of Nursing, Peter carter, has even called the move to be a “disaster for healthcare system”. 

The UK's healthcare system has always seen a n active participation from the migrant population who majorly come from Eastern Europe, Spain, Portugal and the Republic of Ireland. According to analysis from The Press Association, one in 20 NHS workers in England comes from the EU, which amounts to 57,608 NHS workers and 5% of the total workforce.

In the wake of rising dissent amongst the health and care professionals in UK, the chief nursing office, Jane Cummings has also credited the EU nationals for their contribution in the NHS workforce. She said: “There will be no immediate impact on either the registration status of EU nurses already on our register, or on the NMC in terms of our role as the UK-wide regulator for nursing and midwifery."
Appreciating their enormous contributions, Professor Cummings called them as an integral part of health and family care of UK.

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