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Amendment in English requirements for foreign trained nurses

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in its recent bid has announced to bring some amendment in the English language requirements for applicants from overseas. The impending amendment is being seen as a move to neutralize the uncertainty which Brexit vote has brought.

Nurses and midwives coming on the register from outside the UK will still have to achieve a “level 7” in the IELTS, but how they go about it is set to change. The applicant had to achieve this score in a single sitting to match the eligibility criteria to work in UK. The new rule however relaxes this requirements and now the applicant can achieve this level into two sittings, whilst the gap between these sittings should not be more than six months. 

The announcement came amid the rising concern of the officials that the Britain's departure from EU could prove detrimental to its healthcare system thereby starving the country of much needed workers. These changes will provide flexibility to the applicants while ensuring that the eligibility criteria is till met.

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