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Survival tips for Night care nurses

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Nurses play a crucial role in the healthcare chain. They have to perform multifarious duties in 24×7 days in day and night shifts. Although, there is not much difference in the duties and responsibilities of the nurses working in day & night shifts.

The night shift are generally more challenging and provide a tough situation for the professionals to maintain their physical health. Here are few tips to help the professionals survive those night shifts:

Tip 1: Stick to lighter and healthier meals

Eating heavy meals before night shifts can be a big mistake as our digestive system takes more time to digest it and would make us feel drowsy and weak.

During night shifts the nurse should take smaller but frequent light meals, which should provide energy and not sleepiness, like salads, nuts, fruit etc. The night shift nurses should always monitor their health.

Tip 2: Setting the sleeping schedule

Even though the work may seem to be slower and less demanding at night, but nurses can not sleep during the night shifts.

Hence it is highly recommended to get a sound sleep of eight hours prior to the shift to maintain the energy levels and not have any negative impact on the health of the professionals.

Tip 3: Maintain alertness during wee hours

Drinking coffee or any other caffeinated drink before your shift can help you stay awake.

It is quite a challenge to maintain the high levels of alertness during the night shifts. Various studies have indicated that during the wee hours, it become a yet tougher. Taking up some type of physical exercises or other related duties which can keep you busy can prove to be quite effective in discarding drowsiness.

Tip 4: Cautious during driving

It has been found that the nurses doing night shift are generally fatigued and hence should be cautious while driving. As per the stats 20% of the serious car crash injuries are linked to sleep driver, as such night shift nurses. Hence its is recommended that the night shift nurses should avoid driving back to home and refer public transport as far as possible.

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