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Bring about the leadership qualities with the right trainings

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In their study of leaders around the world, Kouzes and Posner identify 10 truths about leadership in their book The Truth about Leadership. One of those truths is that leadership is a pattern of practices, behaviours, skills and abilities that can be learned.

Developing expertise in leadership takes time; there is no fast track to leadership. Here are few proven ways to improve upon the skills and upgrade the leadership qualities:

  1. Ask questions in every aspect of your life such as: Why is this happening this way? What could be done differently?
  2. Look at many opportunities that occur during your day and interactions as potentially providing a leadership learning experience.
  3. Carefully reflect on mistakes that you make and take actions to ensure the mistakes don't happen again.
  4. Establish a few goals for leadership self-development each year and look for activities to achieve those goals.
  5. Be the first to volunteer to attend classes or serve as champions on new technology or changes in practice.
  6. Join a professional organization that provides leadership development opportunities through conferences, webinars or committee participation.
  7. Buy and read at least one leadership book twice a year.
  8. Attend leadership development opportunities offered by your employer, even if it means going on your own time.

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