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Steps to Becoming a Nurse in the UK

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UK is a popular destination for nurses keen on making a lucrative nursing career. Broadly, there are 4 branches of training in this domain. These include adult health, mental health, child health and learning disability. The nursing student must choose which branch he/she wants to opt for at the time of taking admission in a UK university to study nursing.

All the nursing courses are divided into 50% theory course module and 50% practical work. The nursing interns are placed in the local healthcare services for their practical work while the theoretical course is covered at the university through group activities, seminars, lectures and web based learning.

In the first year of the course as a nursing student, foundation course material is taught to all students, which is irrespective to the specialization later. This basic course has content related to social sciences for nursing, application of biological science to nursing, basic evidence based practise, concepts of nursing, basics of practise skills and more foundation work.

Commonly, the first nursing term is theory oriented learning and is followed by placements of up to 6 weeks. These placements are customised to the specific branch of nursing in which the student wants to specialise. These practical work placements include both clinical and community nursing.

The second year nursing students have both practical placement based and academic classroom learning. As per the mandate of NMC, all pre-registration nurses are to have a 24 hour practical care experience as on placement the nurses may be put on long day shifts or night shifts also.

As the nursing students progress on to their third and final year, again they have both practical and theory components but one of the practical posting is a managerial and leadership placement. This placement mandates that the nursing student takes on a leadership role.

Throughout the nursing students are mentored by a tutor who usually works along with the student in the department. These mentors are registered nurses.

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