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Staying Energized Through a 12 Hour Shift

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Nurses work in a challenging field and deal with a lot of physical, emotional and relational stress that saps their energy and to top it all, they have to even work in 12 hour shifts.

There are many factors which dictate the workload of nurses like, patient load and acuity levels, amount of ancillary staff support, documentation requirements, level of co-worker/provider engagement, ability to take breaks and make nutritious food choices, personal health status, ergonomics of the work environment, type of flooring and shoes worn, available patient handling assistance devices; and shift schedule. 
Thus with multiple factors influencing the work challenges of a nurse, it becomes important for a nurse to bring in some lifestyle changes and be prepared for a taxing work schedule. 

The most important thing is to focus on what they are eating in order to keep their energies up. it is recommended to have regularly spaced meals complemented with energy booster snacks like fruits and nuts in between of meals. It is necessary to include a protein source, which provides the body energy for a long haul. 

To build up the energy levels and fitness of the body, it is essential to pay attention to giving the body some exercise. It is not necessary that a 30 minute cardio workout is necessary to build up fitness. Research shows that even a 10 minute workout like yoga poses at the workstation can boost the energy levels of the body.

Also, nurses should exercise caution in caffeine intake, as the job stress can influence increased intake of caffeine consumption. Though the right quantity of caffeine can benefit the mood, concentration and attention levels and also energy, too much of sugar can have negative effects on the body.

Also nurses should make use of taking some break time. Ideally a 10 minute break every 3 hours in a 12 hour shift should do the trick. The idea is to remove oneself from the workspace and go to the cafeteria so that one is away in whole from the workstation. The break can be used well and the nurse can try taking in deep breaths to recharge the mind and the body. Also one can try going outdoors, as will have the mind focus on something else and rejuvenate the nurse.

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