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Shortage of Medical Staff in UK and Role of Medical Recruitment Services

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Let’s look at some facts on overseas hiring by the NHS:

- In 2015, as many as 3,000 doctors hired from outside EU by the NHS

- The recruitment came from India, Australia, Poland, Greece, Sudan, Syria, and Iraq – at least 27 countries globally. For example, University hospitals Bristol trust saw 3 Pakistanis, 2 Hungarians, 3 Sri Lankans, 2 Romanians, 6 Greeks and 1 Sudanese with British nationality being recruited for medic needs.

- This hiring of international medical staff was done by as at least 32 of the 160 NHS hospitals in England. For example, in Southampton the University hospitals NHS foundation recruited 113 foreign doctors in 2015.

A lot of foreign trained doctors are being recruited by the NHS in a fight to combat the real staff shortage of medical professionals in the UK. The problem lies in the fact that not enough doctors are being trained in the UK for available vacancies. Specialities like A &E, radiology, general medicine, ophthalmology and more and more medicine branches are reporting in shortage of doctors.

Apart from Doctors, hospitals are competing for overseas talent in nursing department also. NHS trusts in England hired recently over 1,000 nurses from abroad.

The ambulatory services are not behind with 5 of 10 England’s regional NHS ambulance services hiring more than 100 of the total 200 paramedics employed with the London Ambulance Service.

As reported by the General Medical Council (GMC) the strength of foreign-trained overseas doctors was up by a number of 2,957 between the period of 31 December 2013 to 6 January 2015.

Last year, these foreign trained doctors make up nearly 2/5th or 39.4% – of the 7,500 annual increase in the total strength doctors, which was at overall number of 267,150.

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