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3 Major Myths about Healthcare Recruitment Agencies Debunked

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Companies would tend on hiring the professionals and people would be seeking for opportunities for challenging jobs. Surprisingly, the companies might find it a tough task to find the right person for the job and hence the role of recruitment agencies become paramount.

Unfortunately, too many people have misconceptions about what they do, and how to motivate them to be your advocate. It's time to clear the air and bust some of the myths.

MYTH: The Recruiter's Job is to Help a Job Hunter Find Employment

The real picture:

There is a terrible misconception that the agencies work for job hunters. But actual picture is a complete opposite. Recruitment agencies work for the employers to find the best talent for their profiles.

MYTH: Recruiters Are Rude and Unresponsive

The real Picture:

Recruiters, like anyone else with very limited time, prioritize who that time is worth speaking with, and for how long. They are likely to be very responsive to clients or potential clients who have job orders for them to fill, and people who they see as strong (potential) candidates for those job orders.

MYTH: Recruiters Aren't Out to Get Job Hunters the Best Possible Compensation

The real picture:

In almost every situation, recruiting fees are pegged as a percentage of the new hire's first year base salary. The more you earn, the more they earn.

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